A trip to Tuscany! Preview Florence!

View of Villa Albertina Montespertoli Photo Michael Hiller

TRAVEL: A trip to Tuscany
Actually, you should avoid Tuscany in August because of the temperatures. But: it is always beautiful and in August you can experience there what is meant by summer. Italians are more relaxed than us northern Germans. That’s the cliché. But it’s true. They are more spirited, especially when driving cars and scooters. And yet more relaxed. Especially in Tuscany, where temperatures of 38 degrees and more are not uncommon in August, our southern compatriots once again prove their distinctive way of dealing with life in a relaxed manner. In the Tuscan towns and cities, everything is done with great relaxation.

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Mario Luca Gusti’s shop Photo by Michael Hiller

The heat shimmers and you quickly come to the conclusion that excessive exercise can’t actually be good. You become one with the summer and the heat and behave accordingly. One adapts oneself.

Cafe/Bar Museo Dell’Opera Del Duomo Foto Michael Hiller

And that is the best way to travel Tuscany in high summer. A good way to do it is to choose a central place – a quiet place if possible – from where you can visit all the towns you might like. Montespertoli is such a place. Situated about 35 km from Florence, it offers all possibilities to visit cities like Siena, Pisa or of course Florence. The complete travel report will be published in the next few days. Here are a few impressions in advance!

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