BMW Motorrad presents the new R 1250 R Roadster

MOBILITY/MOTORBIKES: BMW Motorrad presents the new R 1250 R Roadster

BMW Motorrad and the purist, undisguised roadster with boxer engine – a success story ever since BMW motorbikes have been around.

Whether on winding country roads, over high alpine passes, on a tour for two or on a short, relaxing ride after work – the R 1250 R shines with sporty agility, comfort and the primal dynamics of the boxer engine. Now BMW Motorrad has given the R 1250 R some new standard features and optional extras – for even more intensive roadster enjoyment.

The legendary two-cylinder boxer engine continues to provide powerful propulsion. As before, it has a displacement of 1,254 cm3 and also produces 100 kW (136 hp) in the current EU5 certification. Thanks to BMW ShiftCam technology for varying the valve timing and the valve lift on the intake side, the engine offers original power across the entire rev range, a high degree of smoothness and smoothness as well as excellent fuel consumption and emission values.

BMW R 1250 R Style Sport, Racingblue metalic (10/2022)


The Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) ensures high driving safety by providing the best possible traction as standard. The new „ECO“ driving mode, now also standard, encourages and supports the driver to drive as fuel-efficiently as possible.

The ECO driving mode makes it possible to use the innovative BMW Motorrad ShiftCam engine technology primarily in such a way that the maximum range can be achieved. In ECO mode, the rider is encouraged to ride as fuel-efficiently as possible with a soft throttle curve and moderate engine torque limitation. The TFT colour display supports this in ECO mode with an efficiency display in the upper status line. If maximum performance is desired – for example for overtaking with a heavy load or uphill – the drive mode button can be used to switch quickly and easily to another drive mode.

As an optional extra ex works, the new R 1250 R can be equipped with the Riding Modes Pro option. Among other things, it provides additional, individually configurable riding modes. With the riding mode pre-selection, the rider can set an individual selection of riding modes on the riding mode button. Another component of Driving Modes Pro is the engine drag torque control (MSC). It can be used to safely avoid unstable driving conditions that can occur in overrun mode or when downshifting due to excessive brake slip at the rear wheel.


BMW Integral ABS Pro (partially integral) and Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) as standard.

As a popular sports tourer, the R 1250 R presents itself in its latest edition with BMW Integral ABS Pro as standard. This is a braking system that offers even more safety when braking – even when leaning – and thinks even further ahead, so to speak. With the further expansion of the driving mode concept, other new functions are also added. For example, the extended adaptation of the ABS control characteristics to the respective driving mode. In addition, the dynamic brake assistant DBC (Dynamic Brake Control) supports the driver during emergency braking manoeuvres. It offers even more safety when braking, even in difficult situations, by avoiding unintentional acceleration. By intervening in the engine control, the drive torque is reduced during braking and the braking power at the rear wheel is fully utilised. This keeps the motorbike stable and shortens the braking distance.

New full LED headlamp with adaptive cornering light as an optional extra ex factory. Newly designed LED indicators and iconic daytime running lights as standard.

Even the standard full-LED headlamp illuminates the road with an unrivalled bright, clear light. Even more safety when driving at night is offered by the Adaptive Headlights as an optional extra ex works. The driver benefits from even better illumination of the road in bends and thus drives even more safely at night. Adaptive bend lighting works by switching on additional LED elements in the main headlamp, equipped with their own reflectors, depending on the angle of inclination. It is activated at a lean angle of more than 7° and a speed of more than 10 km/h. The additional lighting effect is activated by the headlamp’s own reflectors. The additional lighting effect can be optimally experienced up to a lean angle of 25°.

Newly designed LED indicators (also for USA) and the iconic daytime running light (not permitted in all countries; without daytime running light function, the light icon is designed as a position light) complete the lighting as new standard features.

TFT colour display with Core Screen „Sport“ as standard.

As before, the new R 1250 R is equipped with a TFT colour display with integrated arrow navigation and extensive connectivity. Excellent readability, clear menu navigation and a highly integrated operating concept mark the top position among production motorbikes. It offers customised screen displays for different purposes. These include the Core Screen „Sport“, which provides real-time information on the ridden and maximum lean angles as well as control interventions – such as ABS Pro or DTC.

USB socket and intelligent emergency call as standard. Seat heating for rider and pillion passenger for enhanced touring suitability as an optional extra ex works.

The new BMW R 1250 R now offers two different power sockets as standard. The previous 12-volt on-board power socket as well as an additional USB-A socket with a 5-volt power supply. This most widely used type of USB socket with newly developed charging electronics makes it possible to charge a smartphone while driving by connecting a cable adapter. Up to 2 400 mA charging current is available, which enables fast charging depending on the smartphone type. Also standard on board is the Intelligent Emergency Call (eCall; not available in all countries) for quick help in emergencies.

Seat heating for the driver and pillion passenger as an optional extra ex works also offers a significant increase in comfort at low outside temperatures. The seat heating is available in combination with two individual seats and is offered exclusively in combination with grip heating. A new, convenient operating concept has been developed for the driver’s seat heating with five heating levels. The settings for the grip heating – in combination with the seat heating with five instead of two heating levels – are operated simultaneously via a menu. The pillion seat heating has two heating levels and is operated via a toggle switch at the bottom left of the rear frame.

Dynamic roadster outfits: the new R 1250 R in an attractive base colour as well as in the two model variants Triple Black and Sport. New Solo rear optional equipment.

In the base variant, the new BMW R 1250 R signals its sharpened roadster qualities in the colour Icegrey uni in combination with a black frame. With the Style Triple Black and Style Sport variants available as optional extras ex works, two particularly expressive colour concepts are also available.


Sport model variant:

– Body colour Racingblue metallic, frame white, brake callipers front/hair gold, sports handlebars black, front spoiler blue, solo rear (alternatively pillion package).

Model variant Triple Black:

– Blackstorm metallic body colour, agate grey frame, gold front and rear brake callipers, stainless steel radiator grille, stainless steel engine spoiler, Pure tank grille, Solo rear (alternatively pillion package).

The new Soloheck optional equipment emphasises the sporting ambitions of the new R 1250 R and makes it appear particularly light and dynamic in this area. The pillion seat is replaced by a painted plastic cover and the pillion footrests and pillion grips are removed.

If the full pillion suitability of the R 1250 R is to be maintained, the pillion package is available as an alternative package content within the model variants. It contains all components that are omitted by the solo rear.

Highlights of the new BMW R 1250 R:

– Original boxer engine with BMW ShiftCam technology for varying the valve timing and valve lift on the intake side.

– Powerful acceleration across the entire rev range, exemplary fuel consumption and emission values, as well as smooth and refined running.

– Power and torque: 100 kW (136 hp) at 7 750 min-1 and 143 Nm at 6 250 min-1.

– Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) as standard.

– BMW Integral ABS Pro (partially integral) as standard.

– Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) as standard.

– Three driving modes as standard.

– ECO“ driving mode for particularly economical driving as standard.

– Driving Modes Pro with additional driving modes and new driving mode pre-selection as well as Engine Drag Torque Control (MSR) as factory options.

– Core Screen „Sport“ as standard.

– New LED indicators and daytime running lights as standard.

– On-board power and USB socket as standard.

– New full LED headlamp with adaptive cornering light as factory option.

– Heated seats for rider and pillion for enhanced touring capability as factory option.

– New optional equipment for solo rear.

– New spoke wheels as an optional extra.

– Intelligent Emergency Call as standard.

– An attractive base colour as well as the two model variants Triple Black and Sport as optional extras ex works.

– Extended range of optional extras and Original BMW Motorrad Accessories.



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