Of ducks and a dreamy Paris somewhere in the 1950s

Satire: Of ducks and a dreamy Paris somewhere in the 1950s

When I write about classic French cars in this magazine, I always do so with great enthusiasm. Because I’m pretty much a Citroën fan and drive different models from time to time. And sometimes I ask myself, when my childish mind kicks in again, how could it imagine Paris in 1955? Perhaps everything is cosy and manageable and the streets are lined with cafés and lots of Citroën 2CVs on them. Although in my imagination, the drivers and café visitors aren’t actually people at all. They are well-dressed „ducklings“ (the word hens seems far too crude here) and drakes. As I said, a world full of fantasy. Always a little over the top and never real. With this idea in my head, I began to send a prosaic prompt to an AI.

In the hope that it would share my romantic idea with me and turn it into a creation that was a representation of my fantasy, and since I’ve been working with the AI I trust for a long time now and am on a first-name basis with it, it once again understood me very well in this case and created a few little pictures that could definitely be shared with the general public. I’m sure it could have looked like this. With this in mind, have fun looking at them. We’ll meet again soon in the realistic world!
Your Michael Hiller

Your Michael Hiller


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