Faces of a Beetle: That’s why we love the Beetle!

Cult cars: You just have to love it! Faces of a Beetle

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Faces of a Beetle

We all love the Beetle. Even though it is old, this car still has many charming faces. And by charming I mean: it can look sad sometimes (a bit old and rusty). Nevertheless, it is lovable and has an irreplaceable position in automobile history. That’s why I write about it all the time and call my article:
Faces of a Beetle


Sometimes you ask yourself, what actually makes the charm of the good old Beetle ? Only by the thought of nostalgia or has this „crawling animal“ through the passage of time only got this presence? This charisma, which immediately inspires you when you see one. Here are many faces and facets of this car with their very own stories that are probably hiding behind it.

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