The BMW M 1000 RR as a LEGO kit

TECHNICS: Detailed superbike fascination on a scale of 1:5
BMW Motorrad and the LEGO Group today unveil the next jointly developed model: the LEGO® Technic BMW M 1000 RR, or the M RR for short. Sales will start on 1 January 2022, just in time for the beginning of the coming year. This means that the thoroughbred racing technology of the 156 kW (212 hp) superbike in the road version, which is designed for the highest performance demands in motorsport and road use, is now also making its way into the living room.
The record-breaking number of 1,920 individual parts and the impressive scale of 1:5 already give an idea that the 45.5 cm long LEGO® Technic BMW M 1000 RR is a model motorbike in a class of its own. In addition to the meticulously crafted technical details, the model version of the M RR also offers technical functionalities that will make the heart of model building and motorbike enthusiasts beat faster.

These include, for example, fully functional assemblies such as the three-speed gearbox, the upside-down telescopic fork and the rear swingarm with suspension. Equally functional are the dashboard with three different display options and the gold-coloured drive chain. The included racing stand and pit board provide authentic racing flair.

LEGO Technic BMW M 1000 RR.

Ralf Rodepeter, Head of Marketing and Product Management at BMW Motorrad: „When the BMW Motorrad management announced the first M model on two wheels, the BMW M 1000 RR, everyone knew that the result would be something special. In the same way, the LEGO Technic team realised that they needed something unprecedented to pay tribute to the M RR. The result is both a motorbike and an engineering model that represents the state of the art in its respective field.“

With the LEGO® Technic BMW M 1000 RR, LEGO and BMW Motorrad continue their successful partnership, offering fans the chance to build the first M model from BMW Motorrad as a model that, like its great role model, represents technical excellence and attention to detail.

Samuel Tacchi, designer at the LEGO Group, comments: „It was so much fun to get under the skin of such a significant model of BMW Motorrad. There’s a reason why these beautifully engineered bikes are so popular with the motorbike community, and we’re confident that our LEGO Technic version will be a winner just like its great example.“

The LEGO® Technic BMW M 1000 RR will be available exclusively in LEGO stores and on from 1 January 2022 and from other retailers from 1 March 2022 at a recommended retail price of €199.99.

The highlights of the LEGO® Technic BMW M 1000 RR:

Model dimensions: 27.7cm high / 45.5cm long / 17cm wide.
Model on a display stand: 32.6 cm high / 45.5 cm long / 17 cm wide.
Model on a racing stand: 27.7 cm high / 46.9 cm long / 17 cm wide.
1 920 individual parts.
Fully functional gearbox (3 gears + neutral).
Front and rear suspension.
Gold-coloured drive chain.
Three different dashboard options.
Supplied with racing stand and display plate – perfect for showcasing.
Price: 199,99 €.


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