A look back at 2013: The new BMW R nineT.

MOBILITY/MOTORBIKES: A look back at 2013: The new BMW R nine T

The new BMW R nineT.
The BMW R nineT – the essence of 90 years of BMW Motorrad fascination.
Purist, powerful and undisguised, the BMW R nineT presents itself on the occasion of the anniversary „90 years of BMW Motorrad“. It combines the original character of the boxer engine and the design language of different motorbike eras with innovative technology and a modular concept that offers the rider a maximum of customisation options. Reduced to the essentials, the BMW R nineT – or nineT for short – also inspires with its manufactory character and strong emotional appeal.

BMW R nine T 2013

With its concept, the classic roadster meets the desire of many motorbike fans for unadulterated and stress-free enjoyment of motorcycling. At the same time, concepts such as „purist simplicity“, „emotion“ and „authentic, traditional materials“ were at the top of the agenda during the design development of the nineT. Style-defining elements of old-school motorbike construction are therefore combined in the nineT with ultra-modern drive and chassis components to create an inspiring motorbike that invites you to both relaxed cruising and sporty, dynamic country road riding.

Classic boxer engine as drive.
Just like the first BMW motorbike from 1923 – the legendary BMW R 32 – the new BMW R nineT is powered by the classic, powerful boxer engine. For 90 years now, its design principle has stood for unmistakable design, a full-bodied torque curve and a unique sound. The nineT is powered by an air/oil-cooled boxer engine with a displacement of 1 170 cm3. It produces 81 kW (110 hp) at 7 750 min-1 and develops a maximum torque of 119 Nm at 6 000 min-1.

BMW R nine T 2013

Concept designed for high customisability and customising.
The nineT combines the genes of 90 years of BMW Motorrad and its unique concept is geared towards the special wishes of customising fans. The possibility of a wide range of individualisation according to personal taste was the focus at all times during the development of the purist roadster. The range of modifications extends from original BMW Motorrad accessories to individually manufactured add-on or accessory parts from refiners to create a unique motorbike.

An important aspect of the nineT’s high level of customisability is its special frame concept. The steel trellis frame specially developed for the nineT integrates the boxer engine as a load-bearing element. The basic construction of the frame is based on a front frame section with integrated control head and a rear frame section with swingarm mount.

The removable pillion frame allows the nineT to be used either as a two-person bike or – for a particularly stylish appearance – as a solo bike. Together with the hump, available as an optional extra, the nineT has an impressive solo character in the style of the early „café racers“.

Left-hand exhaust system with double silencer and variation options.

The concept of a classic, sporty roadster is reflected in the left-hand exhaust system with two stacked rear silencers. The BMW Motorrad accessories range also offers customisation options for this. The nineT is given a particularly technical touch by the Akrapović system made of titanium. Using a short or long connecting pipe, the silencer can also be mounted either below or above, which fundamentally changes the appearance and character of the nineT.

Traditional chassis design combined with high-performance technology.
On the BMW R nineT, an upside-down telescopic fork borrowed from the S 1000 RR super sports bike replaces the telelever otherwise used on BMW Motorrad boxer models. The result is a very classic look combined with top-quality technology. The rear wheel is guided by the Paralever single-sided swingarm in conjunction with a central spring strut.

The rear axle drive housing has three mounting points to which, for example, a holder for the side mounting of the number plate and the lighting equipment can be attached. In addition, the swingarm of the nineT is designed in such a way that instead of the standard 5.5-inch-wide 17-inch wheel, a 6-inch-wide model can also be fitted and, if necessary, registered with individual approval.

Designed as a thoroughbred roadster, the nineT features wire-spoke wheels in the style of historical models with black anodised alloy flat shoulder rims, black aluminium wheel hubs and stainless steel spokes. Radially mounted 4-piston monobloc brake callipers together with floating brake discs with a diameter of 320 millimetres and BMW Motorrad ABS ensure absolutely reliable deceleration.

Purist design and manufacture character.
One of the primary design goals was to reduce the body dimensions as much as possible in favour of a purist appearance. When looking at the nineT, the attention to detail, which influenced the work of the designers and constructors at all times, also becomes apparent in many parts of the vehicle.

The 18-litre aluminium tank has elaborately hand-brushed and then coated side surfaces. The aluminium trim panel with embossed nineT lettering mounted on the right above the air intake duct also fulfils the nineT’s claim to manufacture character.

The surfaces of numerous forged aluminium parts, such as the triple clamps or the handlebar clamp with BMW Motorrad lettering, are glass bead blasted and then anodised in a natural finish. The round headlight with the BMW emblem centrally mounted on the bulb cover quotes historical models from 90 years of BMW Motorrad.

In keeping with the character of the nineT, the colour choice was classic black (Black Storm metallic) with silver and metallic contrasts.

Special wiring system for plenty of scope for customising.
A special configuration of the on-board electrical system opens up technical possibilities that facilitate the use of alternative electrical components such as headlights or indicator lights.

The highlights of the new BMW R nineT:

Purist design.
Workmanship with the character of a manufacture.
Air/oil-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine with 1 170 cm3 displacement. Output 81 kW (110 hp) at 7 750 rpm, maximum torque 119 Nm at 6 000 rpm.
Tailored for customising and thus individualisability.
Modular frame concept with removable pillion frame and frame end piece.
Classic wheel guides via high-quality upside-down telescopic fork at the front and paralever at the rear.
Left-hand exhaust system with twin silencers and variation options.
Traditional wire-spoke wheels with black rim rings and wheel hubs.
Radially mounted 4-piston monobloc calipers, steel flex brake lines and floating 320 mm brake discs.
Riveted nameplate on the steering head based on a historic BMW Motorrad model.
Customised special accessories in renowned BMW Motorrad quality.

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