BMW Motorrad presents Akrapovič rear silencers for the BMW R 18.

MOBILITY/MOTORBIKES: Emotional sound and cool design for the big boxer.


BMW Motorrad’s extensive customising programme for the BMW R 18 is now getting a sonorous boost from the new Akrapovič rear silencers.

97 mm shorter than the two standard rear silencers, they are made of durable stainless steel, coated in matt black and, together with a silver end cap that can be adjusted in 90-degree steps, give the rear end of the R 18 a decidedly sporty appearance.

BMW Motorrad presents Akrapovic rear silencers for the BMW R 18. (09/2022)


The stylised BMW brand symbol – the „propeller“ – in the centre of the end cap acts as a fine, valuable detail and special identification mark. One screwed heat protection plate each in the area of the manifold connection of the slip-on rear silencers protects the driver’s footwear in this area.

With a combined weight of 8.2 kg, the two Akrapovič rear silencers are a total of 1 kg lighter than the standard models and thus emphasise the sporty note.

BMW Motorrad presents Akrapovic rear silencers for the BMW R 18. (09/2022)


The new rear silencers have been optimally tuned to the 1802 cubic centimetre „big boxer“ of the R 18 and ensure a particularly rich, powerful sound experience. Separate registration in the vehicle documents is not required for these rear silencers, as they have been homologated together with the complete vehicle.

The new Akrapovič rear silencers and the BMW Motorrad Bobber Kit for the R 18 complement each other particularly well. The BMW Motorrad single seat homage in Bobber style, the flat rear mudguard and the black number plate holder create a particularly short, crisp rear end that is perfectly underlined by the new rear silencers.



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