BMW Motorrad presents new custom bike: The Blechmann R 18.

MOBILITY/MOTORBIKES: Bernhard Naumann, known in the custom scene as the Blechmann, presents his version of the BMW R 18.

Salzburg, 21.08.2020. A strong character needs a strong name. The „Blechmann“ is a name as strong as metal. It is also the nickname of Bernhard Naumann, a renowned customiser from Austria. Together with BMW Motorrad, he presents his latest creation: the Blechmann R 18.

BMW Motorrad presents the Blechmann R 18.


Like no BMW motorbike before it, the BMW R 18 is completely in the tradition of historic BMW motorbikes. Both technically and visually, it borrows from famous models such as the BMW R 5 and brings the essentials of the motorbike back into focus. Reason enough for Bernhard Naumann to change as little as possible about the frame and the technology and to use exclusively the original mounting points for the creation of the Blechmann R 18.

The Blechmann R 18 in detail.
Bernhard Naumann does not use sketches or drawings in advance. The Blechmann gets his inspiration while screwing himself. „I draw my design directly on the object with the final material. This way I can respond directly to requirements and have all the proportions in view at all times,“ explains the designer.

For the Blechmann R 18, he first „bridled the beast from behind“ in order to be able to correctly assess the proportions for the front fairing. The sporty single-seater is based on the original support structure of the rear mudguard, seat and pillion. The rear light comes from Kellermann. The tank has been elaborately adapted: Firstly, it is narrower, which makes it sportier and exposes the engine further. On the other hand, it has been provided with knee-closure cut-outs, which further supports the sporty line. The original steering tube was used as the basis for the sporty stub handlebar.


Blechmann’s next task was to customise the headlights. As with his last BMW custom bike „Giggerl“, a conversion of the BMW R nineT, the headlights were again to be in a discreet kidney design. So Blechmann placed a filament lamp prominently in the centre. The forward-inclined headlight underlines the basic layout of the custom bike. The personalisation of the Blechmann R 18 was completed by a discreet black paint job and the BMW-typical white double liner. In total, the Blechmann team worked 450 hours on their version of the BMW R 18.

Definition of customising.
Blechmann does not see his work as classic „customising“. „My work begins by removing parts of the original version until a white canvas remains. The design then develops as the construction progresses. I call this ‚rapid prototyping sheet metal man style‘ „, says the customiser. This is what makes his workshop unique.


In principle, Blechmann works alone on the design and craftsmanship. If necessary, he is supported by hand-picked professionals. „You can’t do anything in this world on your own, but I’m glad to have a reliable personnel infrastructure“.


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Photos of the BMW Tin Man R 18:


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