Is Art Deco design compatible with our modern design language? It could look like this!

MOBILITY/MOTORCYCLES/DESIGN: Is Art Deco design compatible with our modern design language? It could look like this!

What actually is modern design? Contemporary design? Is there such a thing? Or are they always just nice neologisms? What we have noticed is that many new ideas, especially in vehicle design, are subject to a certain oversizing. Far too big and far too unclear in shape.

This is especially true for motorbikes. Yet there is a lot of design potential to be found in the past. Our journey began with the consideration of how modern design and classic elegance could be harmoniously combined. We found the answer in the bold lines and ornate patterns of Art Deco, a cultural movement that epitomised flourishing creativity and refined elegance in the 1920s and 1930s.
We have deliberately utilised the use of an AI to combine sophisticated fusions of Art Deco design with the design philosophy of today. The AI began to work, refining more and more, based on our understanding of design.

AI generated designs that combined the basic principles of Art Deco with modern design elements. The result? An innovative collection of motorbikes that builds a bridge between the past and the future.
The unusual curves and lines of our designs are reminiscent of the dynamic aesthetics of Art Deco, while at the same time modern technology and materials represent a progressive vision for the future of motorbike design. Every detail has been carefully chosen to combine the timeless elegance of bygone eras with the demands of the present.
Here are our first designs. More will follow soon ( with the new digital presence of virtualdesignmagazine )



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