The BMW R 7: What would have become of it?

The BMW R 7: What would have become of it?

MOTORBIKE: The BMW R 7 only made it as far as a prototype.


1934 was the time of Art Deco and the design by engineer Alfred Böning also followed these ideas. A design that was called streamline design at the time and was particularly strong in the automotive sector. The boxer engine, newly designed by Leonhard Ischinger, had 793 cm³ and 34 hp.


The engine, also known as 205/1, had overhead valves and was installed long. Not to forget that the cylinder and cylinder head of the four-stroke engine in the prototype were was cast in one piece. The idea behind it: The idea was to bypass the susceptible head gasket. The engine was hand-shifted. A feature that is no longer known today. The factory decided against officially building the BMW R 7 and gave priority to the sportier R5.
But what would have become of the R 7? Would it have had what it took to become a classic?


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