The name alone has a ring to it!

Classic cars: Studebaker: A name like a Hollywood movie

Yet this name was nothing more than a brand name for a company that made carriages, chassis, and automobiles. Founded in 1852 in the USA, this car manufacturer was active until the 1960s and produced fascinating automobiles during this time. In many cases, however, the quality was not always convincing and has certainly led many car buyers to switch to other brands.
Here, however, the story of Studebaker should not be told, but only an impression to show what actually made the fascination of the vehicles.

Studebaker 1930er Jahre

In den 1930er Jahren mit Art Deco Elementen
Studebaker- In den 1930er Jahren purer Luxus

Mit dieser „Nase“ kennen viele die Marke

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